Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD) is a new rabbit disease in Minnesota, has been present in Europe and Asia for a long time.  It is highly contagious virus and is easily spread between rabbits.  Clinical signs of RHD are lethargy, decreased appetite, nose bleed, stumbling, uncoordinated movements, yellowing of skin, eyes, or gums, difficulty breathing, bruising, and sudden death.

There is no specific treatment for RHD, therefore vaccination to prevent the disease is critical.  The first time the rabbit will need a series of two injections 3-4 weeks apart.  After this, the vaccine is yearly.  This vaccine has been successfully used in Europe for decades to manage this deadly disease.

Rabbits who leave their homes (i.e. participate in shows) are at the highest risk of contracting this deadly disease.  4-H is recommending that rabbits who show be vaccinated.  Because of how contagious this disease is and that it can be spread through wild rabbits, it is important for all rabbit owners to consider vaccination.  

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