Outside Prescriptions & Refills

Wanting to fill or refill your prescription(s) at an outside pharmacy? ECV is now implementing that if you are wanting to have a prescription filled or refilled at an outside pharmacy (i.e., Walmart, Walgreens, Chewy, 1-800 PetMeds, etc.), you will need to have a written prescription from us. We will no longer be faxing or emailing to these outside pharmacies on owners’ behalves. We ask that you allow 24 hours for us to review & write up the prescription. Once the written prescription is ready, we will either call or text to let you know you can pick up the written prescription at the front desk. If this is something you wish to not have to do, you can always get your prescriptions filled with our pharmacy inside the clinic or use our online pharmacy.

Do Dogs Lose Baby Teeth?

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8 New Year’s Don’ts For Your Pet

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